The Atlanta Braves @ Suntrust Park

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— Chipper Jones

Bobblehead Availability

This is the average amount of time after gates open that bobbleheads are still available

59 mins

CLAIM Percentage

This is the average percentage of game attendees that will receive a bobblehead

49% (1st 20K)


SunTrust Park is an open roof stadium in the south, therefore expect a lot of high temperatures and direct sunlight. I would recommend you sit either behind home plate, or along the first base line to avoid getting tan.

*Orange area indicates sun exposure    edited from source:

*Orange area indicates sun exposure

edited from source:


There isn't really any need to go with ParkWhiz since parking in Braves lots are relatively inexpensive and there aren't many alternatives. There are three lots which I recommend you park at in this order: S60, E43 and E31. Prices will vary depending on the game, but I've found that Braves Parking S60 is usually $10, and E43 and E31 are $18 before taxes. Tickets can be purchased on the Braves site.

braveslots / braves parking s60 - edited from source:

braveslots / braves parking s60 - edited from source:


Assuming you used my advice and parked in lot S60, when you walk past the Battery Dining area you will have two entrance options, the Right Field Gate and Chop House Gate. The Chop House Gate opens 2 hours before game time, whereas all other gates open 90 minutes before. The Right Field Gate should be your preferred option and it has 8 security entrances, all accepting bags. The Chop House Gate has a similar number of security entrances, but since it is located right next to the main dining area of the Battery it is usually packed with longer lines.

DO NOT come through the Left Field Gate if possible. They seem to have an issue with running out of bobbleheads before the other gates. Your best alternative if you are running late is to try the First Base Gate.


If you decided to park in E43 or E31, you will be walking over several bridges and entering through the 3rd Base Gate. This gate has 18 security security entrances, but the far right 2 are for club and suite members, and the next 2 on the right are for CLEAR users. All entrances accept bags.