The Kansas City Royals @ Kauffman Stadium

If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out.
— George Brett

Bobblehead Availability

This is the average amount of time after gates open that bobbleheads are still available

65 mins

Claim Percentage

This is the average percentage of game attendees that will receive a bobblehead

61% (1st 15K)


Kauffman Stadium is an open roof stadium south east of Kansas City, right next to Arrowhead Stadium. Expect the weather to be somewhat windy as it can get cold at night. There really isn’t a bad seat in this stadium with the way the stadium is configured. Great sight lines throughout. I recommend sitting behind home or along the 3rd base side for night games and along 1st base side for noon day games, just because this stadium faces to the East.

*Orange area indicates sun exposure    edited from source:

*Orange area indicates sun exposure

edited from source:


There is no need to go with ParkWhiz since parking at Kauffman Stadium is relatively inexpensive and right next to the stadium. Parking is a flat $15 cash for all regular season games.

If you are entering from the Blue Ridge Cutoff from Highway 70, I highly recommend staying in the second to right lane and passing the first entrance (Gate #2) and entering from the second entrance (Gate #3). A lot of traffic gets backed up onto the highway exit because people think they have to enter the stadium immediately after leaving the highway.

$15 cash lots all around the stadium!

$15 cash lots all around the stadium!

View from Lot B walking to the First Base Gate D Entrance.

View from Lot B walking to the First Base Gate D Entrance.


So far I have only entered through the First Base Gate D, as this is the most direct gate entrance coming from the parking lots A, B, and C. This gate has 9 security entrances, with the very right entrance devoted to an express lane for people without bags. If you are running late or prefer not to enter from a crowded area, try Right Field Gate E which has 5 security entrances and has bobbleheads up to 10 minutes after First Base Gate D runs out.